Neurological Complaints In The Cat

Take neurological complaints in the cat seriously!

When there are neurological complaints, this is a serious problem. For example, an abnormal consciousness, epileptic seizures, eyes that move back and forth or up and down or a gait that resembles a drunken cat. With problems in the brain, this is always something that should be examined by a physical vet. The consequences can be life-threatening in the short term. If a certain problem is not noticed in time, it can lead to irreversible brain damage with all the consequences that entails. So never wait at home unless you have spoken to a vet and he or she indicates that you do not have to come by.

Cat has a epileptic seizure on the floor.

Consult an (emergency) veterinarian in case of neurological complaints

Does your cat have abnormal consciousness or a swaggering gait like it’s drunk? Or do his eyes go back and forth or up and down? These are all signs that something isn’t going right in his nervous system, of which his brain is just one part. You should therefore at least contact your own emergency veterinarian by telephone in the event of these neurological complaints. Even if it is evening, night or weekend! This video shows various symptoms that are caused by neurological problems. You can go to this page if you want to know more about epileptic seizures. After all, this also falls under neurological complaints.