About The Vet

Drs. Nanda van de Weerd

Helping animals, that’s what I want to do! In any way possible. And with me, many pet owners want this too! At the slightest doubt, many people have enough money to go to the vet. But a fair amount of people prefer to try to find a solution themselves first. And this website is intended precisely for that group of people. To also make it clear who you are dealing with, here is the page about veterinarian Nanda. So that’s me.

About my personal life

I have been a veterinarian for over 16 years and have worked in various vetclinics in the Netherlands. After studying veterinary medicine in Ghent, Belgium, I started working as an employee. After three years i started my own veterinary practice. When that became a huge success, the practice became too big for me. I like a personal approach and that was no longer possible. I decided to sell the practice and took back some more time to live. This was also necessary because I worked more than 60 hours a week. My husband and I have gotten three children after the practice was sold. While they are at school, I now work part-time as an acting veterinarian in various places throughout the Netherlands.

The online veterinarian

Origin of my idea

It strikes me more and more that there is a very large group of animal owners who first scour the internet. What can their beloved pet have. Many websites are at their disposal, but most websites are made by people who randomly collect some information. Breeders have made up their own truth and enthusiasts can have various ideas. But a lot of information has become outdated, misinterpreted or simply incorrect. So time for an update! I now hope to make a change with a website that is reliable and up-to-date.

The result

Every working day I try to write an article on at least one subject. It will therefore take some time before all topics are on this website. But hopefully the pages that are there are enough for you.

I use links to amazom.com for this website. If you buy the product that I recommended, i receive a small amount of money. You do not have to pay for a consultation with your own vet before you can use a certain medication. Nevertheless, the rules are very strict about medications and prescriptions and therefore the possibilities via this website also have limits. But we will certainly come up with a number of options for your sick four-legged friend.

The online veterinarian is examining a dog on an x-ray table.

How do you know i am really a veterinarian?

Of course you want to be sure that I really am an officially graduated veterinarian. In the Netherlands we use an official register where all graduated and working veterinarians are registered. You can visit that registry here. My dutch registration number is 120753.