Ectropion in cats – How to deal with it?


As a cat lover, it is important to be aware of various health problems that may occur in cats. One of these problems that can occur is ectropion in cats, which is not common but is possible. In this article, we will dive deeper into this condition.

What is ectropion in cats?

Ectropion in cats is a condition in which the lower eyelid curls outward, causing the eyelid not to fit properly on the eye. Consequently, the eye can become irritated, and eye infections can easily develop. Normally, tears are spread over the eye and prevent infections, but in case of ectropion, this mechanism doesn’t work as well as it should like in a healthy eye.

Ectropion is the opposite of entropion in cats. Although the two terms differ by only one letter, they are vastly different. In entropion, the eyelid curls inward, and the hairs scratch the eyeball. Entropion is more common in cats and usually causes more severe symptoms than ectropion.

Ectropion in humans: In ectropion in cats, the pink part of the inside of the eyelid is visible, just like in this image of a human eye.

Causes of ectropion in cats

There are several causes of ectropion in cats. One of the most common causes is a congenital abnormality. Some breeds, such as the Persian cat, are more prone to developing ectropion than others.

Other causes of ectropion include:

      • Eye infections: Chronic eye infections can cause the eyelids to sag and curl outward.
      • Trauma: An injury to the eyelid can lead to ectropion.

Symptoms of ectropion in cats

The symptoms of ectropion can vary depending on the severity of the condition. Some common symptoms include:

      • The eyelid curls outward. The pink part of the inside of the eyelid becomes visible.
      • The eyelid is swollen or inflamed.
      • There is an increased amount of tears that leave the eye through the corner of the eye.
      • The cat may have eye infections. Yellow or green eye discharge is visible.

Treatment of ectropion in cats

The treatment of ectropion in cats depends on the cause and severity of the condition.

If your cat is not experiencing any discomfort and does not have regular eye infections, it is advisable to leave the eye alone. Ectropion in cats are not a painful condition as long as an eye infection does not develop.

If your cat experiences mild symptoms, you can try using eye drops that prevent infections when you see them starting to occur. The curled eyelid will not return to normal, but infections will have less chance of taking hold. You can use the eye drops shown below. Apply it to the affected eye twice a day until the eye becomes calm, and your cat is no longer bothered.

If your cat is experiencing significant discomfort, it is best to have your veterinarian perform surgery. In this procedure, a triangular piece is removed from the eyelid and the sides then sutured back together. This makes the eyelid less wide and better fitting to the eye. If all goes well, the cat will no longer have ectropion and because of that no more eye infections for the rest of its life, or at least far less.

Part of the eyelid will be removed and sutered back together to resolve the ectropion.
Eye of a human. Ectropion is resolved surgically by removing a slice from the eyelid.


Ectropion in cats are a condition that can occur and can lead to irritation and infections of the eye. It is important to recognize and treat the symptoms of ectropion to ensure the well-being of the cat. If you think your cat is suffering from ectropion, please contact your own veterinarian so that they can confirm the condition.