My cat is making biscuits

Why does he do that?

When your cat is making biscuits, it feels the need to feel calm and relaxed or he wants to strengthen his bond with you as his owner. It is an instinctive behaviour that can be traced back to the kitten period. He then had to knead his moms belly to stimulate the release of milk from the nipples. He felt safe and relaxed there and now, later in life, he is needs that same feeling again. But what should you do if your cat damages your furniture when he is making biscuits? And sometimes his love for you just hurts. What do you have to do then? We will tell you this below, so read on carefully.

cat making biscuits

What does your cat do when it is “making biscuits”?

You can recognise making biscuits in your cat by the fact that your cat takes quick steps with its front paws one by one on the surface on which it is standing and remains in the same place. He often flexes his front feet and also extends his nails. They usually do this at a time when they are relaxed or in need of relaxation. When a cat is making biscuits with its front paws, there is a release of the substance Dopamine in his brain, which we also call the happiness hormone.


What is the origin of your cat’s making biscuits?

The behavior is an instinctive behavior that originates from the kitten period. By kneading their mother’s belly, they stimulate milk production so they can drink. At the same time as this kneading, scents are also released from small glands around the nipples, the so-called cat appeasing pheromones. These pheromones ensure the bond between the mother and her kittens. In addition, it gives the kittens the feeling that they are safe and comfortable.

Adult cats sometimes also show this behaviour to recall the feeling of the past. So at a time when they need relaxation and a feeling of satisfaction.


What are the benefits of making biscuits for your cat?

Taken away from mom too early

In some cases it is said that cats that do this frequently have been taken from their mothers too early. However, cats that have stayed with their mother longer also often make biscuits with their front paws. So this statement is probably incorrect.

Instinctive behaviour and relaxation

It is clear that a cat will make biscuits when it tries to create a moment of total relaxation and happiness for itself.

Asking for attention and showing love

We also often see this behaviour occur when a cat is near its owner. So there seems to be a relationship between the feeling that a cat wants to evoke in itself and the proximity of its owner. If your cat does it on your lap, he is showing a deep sense of affection for you. So you can be very proud of that!

Marking territory

In addition, many cats also make biscuits on a blanket. In this way, a cat tries to make a nice warm and safe nest for itself. When he is kneading, he also releases his own scent from the scent glands on his paws to the nest, marking it as “mine”.

Stress reduction

If your cat has been in a stressful situation, for example a confrontation with a neighbouring cat, his body needs relaxation. By making biscuits he brings himself back to the safe feeling of the past with his mother and can thus relax himself.

Sign of heat

In females that have not yet been neutered, this behaviour can also be seen more often when they are in heat or starting to go into heat. In this way they communicate their willingness to mate to the men around them.

Upcoming childbirth

Has a female cat become pregnant after mating and is the end of the pregnancy coming near? This cat can then also prepare a litter in which to give birth. She obviously wants it to have a safe nest and she wants to feel comfortable there. Your cat then makes biscuits in that nest with her front paws.

The role of making biscuits and the bond between cat and owner.

The bond between a cat and its owner can be strengthened by this making biscuits. When a cat makes biscuits on your lap, it can be a sign of trust and affection. It shows that your cat feels safe and comfortable with you. Additionally, making biscuits can be a way for your cat to mark her territory with the scent glands located in the soft pads of her paws. This allows your cat to express a sense of ownership and connection with its environment or with its owner.

This behavior therefore shows a good relationship between your cat and you as the owner. It offers a moment of peace and bonding, where the cat can show its affection and you as the owner have the opportunity to respond back with gentle touches and strokes, which can further strengthen the bond between the two. It is a mutual exchange of affection and comfort, which contributes to a happy and healthy relationship between cat and human.

Is “kneading” the same as “making biscuits”?

Yes, if your cat is making biscuits this can also be described as “kneading”. After all, it looks like your cat is kneading dough to make the biscuits. 


cat making biscuits
Mom cat resting with kittens in her nest.

What do cats like to make biscuits on?

In principle, a cat can decide to make buiscuits on any surface. But blankets, pillows, your belly and sometimes even on your face when you are sleeping are cats’ favourites.

Feral cats seem to mainly do this behaviour in adulthood in a safe spot in the grass. They then trample the grass flat to make a nest. However, we rarely see this behavior in domestic cats.

Can you say a cat is happy when it is making biscuits?

It doesn’t necessarily mean your cat is happy if he is making biscuits. Sometimes, a cat needs to give itself some happiness. But cats that make biscuits excessively can also do this because they experience too much stress in their lives and are trying to relax their body in this way.

However, it is generally true that most cats feel very happy when they make biscuits. 


Can you also stop your cat from making biscuits?

Your cat making biscuits with its front paws is a natural behaviour. It is certainly not necessary to stop this natural behaviour. But since many cats also use their nails, it is not always pleasant for the owner or the owner’s furniture. It is important to maintain a good bond between you and your cat. Do not push your cat away roughly, but give him an alternative on which he can continue to make biscuits.

  • Place a thick blanket on your legs or stomach so that your cat’s nails do not scratch your skin.
  • Cut his nails short so he won’t hurt you as much
  • Lead your cat with a fun toy to a place where he can make buiscuits with his front paws without damaging anything or hurting you.
  • If he is making biscuits excessively, check carefully to see if he has any signs of stress during the day. They often have a stiff, less flexible tail, faster breathing, their ears are a little further back, large dilated pupils, try to hide or show aggressive behaviour if they have stress.

Do all cats make biscuits?

No, not all cats make biscuits. Some cats show this instinctive behavior more than others. And making biscuits in itself does not have to be a cause for concern. Only if your cat suddenly starts to make biscuits a lot more then usual, this may have a reason, such as chronic stress. In that case, try to remove the cause of the stress. If this does not work, you can use products that offer your cat more relaxation. For example, Zylkène or Proplan Calming care contain natural substances that increase the amount of serotonin in the brain. This makes your cat less sensitive to stress stimuli.


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