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Assistance from Afar, Tender Love Nearby

Here at the Online Veterinarian website we understand that your pet deserves the best care, always and everywhere. So our dedicated online vet Nanda has written many articles about specific medical problems that your dog or cat may have. And the articles include tips what you can do about it yourself! Home-remedies are the most inexpensive vet treatments you can have. This way you can be your own DIY veterinarian at home. And with our online vet services, we bring clinical care straight to your door, so your beloved dog or cat can stay healthy and happy. Because your convenience, their well-being – that is what we stand for at the Online Veterinarian! Where else can you find a free vet?

Corgi dog is feeling ill, so his owners are looking for medical help online.
Teenager is looking at her sick dog, wondering what to do next.

Online veterinary services: Pet care of the digital age

The days when you had to travel distances for a vet consultation arre gone. With online vet services, professional help is just a click away. And the best part? You can get this online vet advice for free. At any time you need it! And that this type of veterinary care is getting more popular each day is shown by statistics given by  Petkeen

Online veterinarian pharmacy and supplies

On “The Online Veterinarian” website we provide advice about which medication is best to use for a specific medical condition. So this way you don’t have to figure out what to use yourself and you can be sure that the recommended products are the best products you can get without a consultation at your local vet. So just use the links of the products to have it delivered on your doorstep.

Are online veterinarians legit?

Many pet owners wonder, “Is this way of veterinary online care legit?” And the answer is a resounding yes. Because online veterinarian advice is provided by our licensed professional, Veterinarian Nanda van de Weerd, from the Netherlands, who offers credible and reliable online veterinary advice. To check if she really is a vet you can check the dutch veterinarian registry website here. She went to the university of Ghent, faculty of veterinary medicine and got her degree to practice veterinary medicine there. 

Finding an online vet near me

Location is no longer a barrier. So searching for the keywords “online vet near me” will bring you to our website because we are known to care for your pet. And we are a way for your pet not to visit the normal veterinarian near you. Because he simply hates that near by veterinarian, but loves the online veterinarian!

Online veterinary clinic: A comprehensive solution

An online veterinary clinic offers a range of services from diagnosis, explanations to DIY treatment advice. But this platform is designed to provide comprehensive care, ensuring your pet gets the best possible attention. Because you are simply the best to give him that! And so you do!

Our Online Veterinarian

The online veterinarian

Dr. Nanda cuddling with dog Max before the exam

The online veterinarian is making an ultrasound in a dog.

Dog Max is getting an ultrasound by Dr. Nanda

The online veterinarian is examining a dog on an x-ray table.

Dr. Nanda examining dog Max on an x-ray table

Dog lying in a lot of money
Dog is lying on top of a pile of money

Revenue model of the Online Veterinarian

We promote a range of vet medication online through our carefully selected affiliate partners. So for instance, we use a lot of links that lead to amazon. After all, Amazon has a worldwide coverage. You find the products in the text about each medical problem. All of which have been approved by our team of licensed veterinarians. So please buy the products using our link and help support the existence of this website. Because if you buy the products, a small percentage of the price you paid will be paid to us. Products we carefully selected to be the best for the specific medical issue you are searching for. But you are not required to. Where else can you find a trusted veterinarian near you! You can buy the product, or similar ones, wherever you want.